Thursday, 24 February 2011


Well today has been a really positive day for me, as have been out and about
and even made it into the office for a couple of hours, which was nice to
catch up with all the staff. Even though my day in the office is scheduled
to be tomorrow, It will be a busy day as we are moving office so will need
to pack up my desk and sort all the VAT invoices out.

I enjoyed being in the office today as I have been slowly working all week,
and being in the office allows me to clear out all the stuff that doesn't
get done because its so slow.

Its alos nice to catch up with all the staff too.

This evening we have again been working on the eBay store and adding more
products, we put stock up on a Thursday and it finishes the following
Sunday. We've been buying new stock too that will be going on the site in
the next few days, and I know a few people that will definitely be buying
them, as they products are right up their street.

Headache managed to hold off today for quite a while, weather this is
because they are just decreasing or I just didn't notice it I don't know,
but it did kreep on by about 4pm, but I had finished work by then so wasn't
a massive problem.

The dressing room is slowly becoming less of a dressing room and more of a
store, the items in there - our items, are slowly turning into stock items
as they are washed and photographed and then placed in the appropriate part
of the dressing room. There is a system in there not that you can tell, you
just have to trust us, we know what it is.....

One thing that was pointed out to me today was that I'm a Ginger-ist.... all
because I said I was glad that my hair wasn't growing back Ginger. I have
nothing against ginger people, I just don't want a ginger band around my
head... Sorry to all you redheads out there....

I'm going to sign off now as I need to add the finishing touches to my Mask
so that it can be posted on Saturday morning.

Till tomorrow


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