Friday, 25 February 2011

All Change

Well today has been a good day, although am tired now.

Have been in the office for the last day as we are being moved over the
weekend to a new floor, so I am going to possibly change my day in the
office to Monday so that I can sort my desk out, that and its hospital week
so have loads to fit in next week too.

Our masks have now been done and sent off, so they can go into the

We have both been working on the new product range for our eBay store, and
we can't wait to let you guys know what it is.

Our eBay shop is doing well and we have loads more of our costumes to be
listed over the next few weeks. The link to the store is we have loads
more to come, including a full range of PA equipment and stage lighting,
wigs, shoes and a whole lot more.

I'm on the radio tomorrow morning with the interview I recorded last week,
you can tune in tomorrow from 9am and it will be on at some point on Gaydio if you manage to miss it, I will have a version of it
that I will put on my Facebook so you can listen at a later date.

Tomorrow is another long day as were off to Blackpool to watch not only one
show but two, it's their version of the Edinburgh |fringe festival and the
shows were watching are all a little off the wall so will see, will probably
update from the car on the way back.

With the mask we have had t send a bit of a blurb and what they mean to us,
my mask was simply covered in sequins and feather, simple, but I wanted you
to still be able to see the mask. My inspiration came from the song I am
what I am - the line is I love each feather and each spangle.

The blurb u have sent is enclosed below:

Behind the Mask - My Story

My mask is simple and comes from a line in a well known song "I love each
feather and each spangle" The song is of course 'I am what I am' from La
Cage Aux Folles.

My life changed dramatically in September 2010 when I was diagnosed with a
Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4 Brain Tumour. My life as a performer had to
be put away and I had to focus on the person underneath, or behind the mask

I have lived for so long with a mask on as my alter ego that its odd living
without it, replacing this with a radiotherapy mask for my treatment wasn't
quite what I expected.

My mask to me embodies who I was before September, but also who I still am,
I'm still me, I'm still here and I'm still full of the sparkle and feathers
that I once used to wear.

The illness has made me make decisions though and hasn't all been negative,
it's made me make some really positive changes, I'm now known more as myself
rather than my alter ego and the business of performance has changed into
another sideline, which still allows us to be involved in the whole showbiz
circle as it where.

The person behind the mask, be it a radiotherapy mask or personal mask like
I had with Miss Whiplash, my drag alter ego is important, and very often
gets forgotten. The illness, the treatment, the prognosis all the other
areas of hospital etc get in the way, and mask the person, even though these
are most likely to be the most life changing things that will happen in your

The mask is only an aid to the next step. The person behind the mask, is the
next step.

Steve Faccenda - GBM Sufferer, Life survivor.

Anyway am off to bed will update tomorrow.


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