Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Hair today

I've noticed one thing today, and that's how much my hair is growing back,
its thicker on the right than it is on the left. Which is to be expected
really as I was zapped on the left for my Treatment so would have been
stronger there. The only problem is, it makes my head look dirty as its
slightly darker.

Oh well at least its growing back and it's not ginger.

This afternoon it's been another visit to the post office, I'm now a on
first name basis with the post office guy so it's odd. I'm working on
reducing out post fees though as were spending more and more as we send out
more and more products. Another task for me to look into.

This evening Mark has been working on his Radiotherapy mask ready for the
Exhibition, I have started to think about it, but I just can't get an idea
of what to do... will think about it tomorrow and hope that my visit to
BASIC will give me some ideas. These need to be sent off first thing
Saturday morning at the latest, ideally they should go Friday.

Today has been another day of work for me, my PC has been working against me
by running really slow, it makes me tired just sitting round doing nothing
whilst I wait for it to catch up, that and the work coming in is now picking
up as the season kicks in. I'm aware though that I can't do to much as it's
not good for me, and I will ultimately end up doing nothing as I recuperate,
so I have to just accept that what I do get done is what gets done.

My mum came down this evening and has taken away the wool we bought in
Norfolk so she can start knitting my jumpers.

Will watch shameless this evening then its off to bed for an early night, I
still have a sore neck but it does appear to be getting better though.

Will sign off now and update tomorrow

Steve x

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