Monday, 21 February 2011

Back with a bump

Well today has been another one of those days, I have tried to work from
home again, but have really struggled, its that age old, first day back from
holiday problem.

Hundreds of emails to deal with and no energy to deal with them.

I managed to get loads done once IT had sorted out my computer - that always
happens when I have a few days off....

Anyway I managed to get lots done, and have had a few ideas too.

I did have to finish at 3.30pm though as I was really tired and I was
falling asleep, so best to not push myself.

This evening we popped to Nick and Geoff's, and then home for dinner.
Whilst Mark cooked I dealt with the admin from our eBay sales and then
started diamante of our new cushion.

Were working on a new range of products for the website that will be
revealed in the next couple of weeks, but let's just say Trouble have gone
"Green" and it actually feels good to produce a product that is green...
details will follow.

We have also changed the name of our eBay shop to Justtheone4u too, there
will be a whole range of products on there in the next few weeks as well as
on the Facebook group too. All in all a busy couple of weeks for the both of
us organising it all and sorting the shop out. This week eBay next week the

I have had neck ache again today, I think it's because I have slept in a
number of beds over the last few days, the pain goes with a few Ibuprofen so
not major but will keep an eye on it and let the Oncologyst know if its
still around when I next visit the doctor next month.

Anyway got things to do before I head off to bed, so will sign off and will
update tomorrow.


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