Sunday, 20 February 2011

End of the week update

Well were back home and back into the thick of normal life again.

It also that we now have phone and broadband all the time, lucky really as
our eBay auctions finished at 5pm today and eve had a few more sales.

So this evening it was simply unpack our bags from the week, stick the first
load of washing in and then pack some of the items ready for postage

It will be an early night tonight as the 4 hour drive has taken its toll on
the both of us.

It's nice to be away but nice to be home too.

Was lovely staying on the barge for the first few days, and I never expected
it to be so relaxing, but it was, so if you ever get a chance then give it a
go, although you do have issues with swaying wherever you go for a couple of
days afterwards....

Norwich is an odd little city but loads to do, and we both really enjoyed
going round all the shops we wouldn't normally, Charity shops, craft shops,
arty shops etc, and we have come back with a car full of goodies that will
keep us occupied over the next couple of months...

From there w moved over to other friends who were the perfect hosts too
(everyone has been lovely) but she's as mad as a box of mad frogs, and is a
real tonic, so was good to stay with them, even though in the evening all we
did was stay in and chat, again it was relaxing and just pure time out....
just what we both needed.

In-between we met up with Marks sister which was nice as she comes up to us
regular and we never get down to see here so all in all it was a fun filled
relaxed yet hectic week.

Back to normal life tomorrow though so will sign off and will update again

Steve x

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