Friday, 18 February 2011

Third Stage

Well I have been writing this for the last hour as I haven't had a signal on
my mobile phone so were at my sisters where I can get a signal so have
decided to write this whilst I can for yesterday.

Yesterday was another stock buying day, we have travelled round all of
Norwich looking for more tartan, I think we have now bought most of the
Tartan in Norwich.

We also visited the Cathedral which is a beautiful building if you ever get
chance to go. From the cathedral we then headed to Great Yarmouth to see
what was there, and there wasn't much to be fair but we did get a couple
more pieces of Tartan.....

We then headed back to the Barge to say hello to Jacqui again, and upload
all the new listings on eBay ready for this weekend's rush.

Leaving Jacqui's we headed over to Jayne and Rays where we will be staying
for the next few days, the funny thing is again it's on the River Yare, but
the start of the river, so our whole week away is surrounding the river.

Jayne had made dinner already for us so that was nice.

After a couple of hours of conversation it was time for us all to head off
to bed. This is the fun part. The room we were in is in the top of the house
(it's not really a loft) and they have a really odd staircase to get up
there, you can only go up and come down in a certain way, there is a left
paddle a right paddle and such, so you have to think about it. You do it
once you have done it a few times, but you do have to think about it.

Jayne and Ray had left for work this morning when we got up so we had tea
and toast and we made our way to Michelle and Dave's for our day out. We
ended up going to a craft village and have bought some more bits for the
crafting and had a look around the rest but we didn't get anything else.

From there we set off to Wroxham Barns, which was another arty crafty place
but we decided to not go there and ended up in Dereham where again we
ended up looking round more Charity shops and QD where I have bought some
more wool for my mum to knit me a jumper from the retro patterns we have

From there we met Jayne and we all headed back to Michelle and Dave's house
where we had Tea and cakes, nom nom nom. This evening is a mystery as to
what we're doing, I will have to update later when we get another signal. I
know I have to do the fire when I get in as its been put to me to do.....

The whole being out of the loop with internet and mobile signal is
brilliant, nobody can contact us, and it's so peaceful and quiet. I may even
start switching off my mobile when I get back to Manchester for a couple of
hours a day, or even just one day a week I could go back to basics and if
you need to contact me then you have to do it otherwise, - if it's an
emergency there is always the house phone.

Anyway am being antisocial and need to sign off.

Will update later if I can.

Steve x

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