Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Post office

Well this morning was a massive visit to the post office. I caused quite a queue and a few tempers were raised am sure. I stopped counting at 25 parcels. Ooops

From there it was off to the Neuro Support Group.

One thing that came out at this meeting and has come up at BASIC is that its not easy to be ill. There is lots to organise, meetings to attend, appointments to attend, forms to fill in and so on. There is actually very little time to be ill....

The other thing is all this information is out there but you have to go and find it. There are support groups but again unless you have been in the loop beforehand you don't know about them. I commented today that someone should write a book "How to be ill - all the info you need" it would be a bloody big book but useful too.

Maybe that should be my next task...

Am currently on my way up to my mums for dinner, she normally comes to us but we thought we would have a change. And its also a chance to see my dad.

All ready for this weekends trip down to Norfolk. Just hope the people were seeing don't get a bug in the meantime.

Anyway am signing off as writing this in a dark car isn't a good idea for anyone's eyes.

You might get an update later£ who knows.

Steve x
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