Monday, 14 February 2011


Today has been a good day, as updated from earlier, we got all Jacqui's post
out the lovely man came from the post office to collect them and allowed us
to leave the office.

Back to the barge we have had another issue with connecting to the internet
so we had to call the service provider and now were connected so I can write
my blog on my laptop as opposed to on my Blackberry which is really hard.

Mark is still uploading more items of stock to be listed on Thursday, this
week's sale will end on Sunday, just as we get back from our Norfolk trip.
So Sunday night will be a busy night for me packing all the products ready
to go out Monday morning.

Right will sign off as I think its about time to relax and stoke up the wood
burner ready for the night ahead.

Till tomorrow

Steve x

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