Monday, 14 February 2011

Life on the ocean waves.....

Well were half were through day one of the break. We arrived in Norfolk at about 4pm and were immediately escorted to the barge we were to call home for the next few days. Summer Lady is a 60ft 1975 built traditional style narrow boat.

Its moored on the river Yare with loads of wildlife to watch. Its so relaxing the slow rock of the boat and the fact there is no noise is brilliant.

We have spent the day with Jacqui at her shop where she sells handbags on eBay so we have been picking her brains as she has sold over 20000 handbags so far so she's doing something right.

This evening will be just relaxing aboard and possibly an early night.

As for my health haven't really had much of a headache or neck ache today. Perhaps the relaxed lifestyle is helping.

Will update later.

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