Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Cromer and Wroxham

Well today has been a visiting day as we have been all over.

We started in Wroxham which is on the broads and very much like a seaside
town. We enjoyed a nice Fish and Chips meal in a cafe overlooking one of the
Marinas which was nice. Mark then got a chance to use his camera on the
local wildlife.

We did some shopping in Roy's - we then went across the road to another
shop, which was Roys, the shop next door was Roy's too, the one down the
street was the same, even the MacDonald's was in Roy's. Apparentky Roy owns
the majority of Wroxham....

As it was only a small shop and after the purchase of a few small items we
headed off to Great Yarmouth, however on the way there we got sidetracked
and ended up in Cromer instead.

Again Cromer is a small seaside town - with real sea and pier, and because
its only February the majority of it was closed, so we wandered round the
town, and picked up a few items in the charity shops for ideas weve had and
something for dinner.

We drove back via a number of small craft places. One of which was a mixed
store, it sold allsorts so we thought we would pop in, we were confronted by
the most comical man ever, he told us because the lady upstirs in the craft
department didn't get enough customers she had gone off to get married, but
he could offer us a piano, piano or keyboard lessons or tropical fish, and
was insistent that we had at least one of the options, this all from a big
warehouse type building in the middle of nowhere.... Sharp exit me thinks.

Anyway Back to the barge and light the fire and get ready for a quiet night
in, no laptops this evening just pure relaxation ready for our onward
journey tomorrow.

Till then


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