Thursday, 3 February 2011


Well today has been an odd day for me, I haven't wanted to do anything other
than things for myself.

After the relief of the results yesterday I just wanted to do things that I
needed to do and have been putting off just to get them clear, I posted
letters that needed to go etc and make a couple of phone calls. I even had a
nap for an hour on the sofa, Did a bit of the diamante on the throw then
went for my massage at BASIC which always leaves me feeling much better.

I do feel guilty about work though, but will catch p tomorrow when am in.

I was speaking to my mum earlier on the phone when Mark phoned me and I
ended up with two lines running, then I couldn't get through to my mum again
so it all went wrong.

Will give her a call tomorrow in my lunch hour from work.

I'm off to bed now as the massage has really taken it out of me, she did say
that I would be tired this evening.

Nothing else to report so will sign off and see you all tomorrow.


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