Monday, 7 February 2011


Today has been one of those days where we could have got lots more done but
we haven't.

We did have plans to go to the Chinese New year celebrations in town but the
weather and tiredness got in the way.

The weather didn't look brilliant anyway and it started raining a number of
times during the afternoon so that was one thing, and the other is I was
tired and felt a little sick (although you wouldn't believe that if you
could see what I have eaten this evening)

I'm Still getting back into the swing of the Chemo and how I have to take
it. One hour after food and no food until an hour after, the problem is I
think is I pick, and I had a drink shortly after I took the tablets so its
all my fault. At least I only have 3 days left now though and then its done.

At least they don't make me really sick.

This afternoon from about 4pm it's been all about eBay. As mark uploaded the
sales this time last week, and they are slowly starting to finish.

So all afternoon I have been fielding questions and printing invoices.

It's nice to see the costumes going to new owners, and some of them are
going to people we know well which is also touching that they would like to
continue wearing our costumes.

Anyway its been a long day, and my neck is now stiff. The sales are still
coming in but won't be finished for a few hours yet so will have to check
them in the morning.

Will update tomorrow on how it all went.

Another day of work for the office tomorrow.

Steve x

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