Saturday, 5 February 2011


Well it's the end of the day and am officially back in the country lol.

We headed back from Scotland this afternoon and were home within 2 hours, so
all was good, it's a shame the weather was so bad.

Anyway was a lovely day out with Mark, Nick and Geoff and was completely
unplanned, which was the best part of the day.

Have started taking my chemo again today and am now on the full dose that I
will be taking and I had forgotten how tired it makes me, it leaves me
physically drained, that with the walking we have done today am a little
pooped now, so won't be a late night for me.

At least the sickness is staying at bay as I have said before that's one
area I really couldn't be doing with.

The Shop is going well and most of the items now have less than 24 hours to
go so will be checking back every couple of hours now to see where the
bidding is at.

Will sign off now and will update more tomorrow.

Steve x

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