Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Hello again,
Today has been a good day, and I hate saying that as it sounds so cheesy, but it has.
I got all my chores completed this morning just before my dad arrived to take me up to Oldham. I was going to see my Granny too whilst I was there. She doesn’t know the full extent of my illness but she is aware that I have been ill and I have had an operation on my head. I don’t want to tell her the full extent of my illness as at the age of 86 it would really rock her and would make her very ill, the last thing I want is to make someone else ill.
Anyway I think she knows more than she is letting on but will just have to leave it there for the time being. The fact that she has seen me looking OK and healthy is a bonus too.
This week has been a good week in total but was odd this morning as there was only me in the house when Mark went to work. It’s been a full house all weekend with Jayne and Ray from Norfolk but this morning was just me and the Cats.
Was great to see Jayne and Ray for the weekend as she is a real tonic (I’m sure I have said this before, as she is just a mad hatter) We all went for dinner on Sunday with Nick and Geoff too as they know Jayne and Ray too, it was a good night even though Nick didn’t eat all of his desert.....
Its official I now no longer own my motorbike, as it was sold on Sunday and its actually been transferred with the DVLA, never mind I can have a new one in two years when I beat this illness....
Tomorrow am off shopping with my mum to buy Mark his present for his Birthday and Xmas, its hard to get gifts for two occasions that are so close together, but I have a few ideas.

Mark and myself are then off to the pictures tomorrow night (you got to love Orange Wednesday) so will be a nice chilled night.
Till tomorrow


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