Thursday, 9 December 2010


Is it me or is it getting colder?

Its been slightly warmer today with the sun but in the shade it was bitterly
cold. Have had a busy two days yesterday and today I have just had a
multitude of things that I needed to do, they were all things that I
couldn't be bothered doing but I needed to do, so in reality I done myself a
favour getting them all done.

Yesterday I also spent the afternoon with my mum, she was helping me sort
out the little things too, including Marks birthday present, which is a
personal thing not something just from the shop, I hope he likes it.

I was supposed to be going into work today to meet one of our clients, but
one of the gorls in the office who was meeting him too emailed and cancelled
the meeting as she wasn't well and didn't want to pass on the bug. I have
asked them to do this as I wouldn't go into the office if everyone is sat
there sniffling as its something I should avoid especially with the chemo
medication (although this is now over I'm still having the side
effects/benefits) Itsas though the choices have been made for me again, but
one I have asked them to do.

Will pop into the office tomorrow as its Secret Santa day so will pop in for
that and then come home again, it will be nice to get out on my own and also
to visit the office as haven't been in for a few weeks now. I wont be
wearing my wig though, as I am used to the fact I am bald now (although I do
need the top part of my head shaving again) will just keep my hat on in the
office, but if anyone asks I don't mind showing them the scar now, its just
anther part of me.

Nothing else to report today other than the tiredness/fatigue if I sit down
to watch TV I tend to nod off so I keep myself occupied....

Corrie was sad tonight too, two deaths and a wedding and a birth. Who are
the other two, I hope it's not Rita....

Till tomorrow, will update then when I have been to the post office with my
large sack of items to post. Its last day for posting to the rest of the
word, if you want to receive it for Xmas don't forget.


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