Friday, 10 December 2010

End of the week

Well it's the end of the working week and I can honestly say I'm glad as I
like the house busy at the weekend, people popping in and out etc.

I did pop into the office today as it was Secret Santa, so I said I would go
in for the day, so I popped in for an hour or so, so that we could do that
and I could say hello to the guys and the news guys who I haven't met yet.

Whoever got me the hat for my Secret Santa - thank you, it's lovely, only
one problem with it, it sticks to my head like Velcro because of my short
hair lol....

I did have a bit of a rant though today in town. I was approached by an
undesirable (chav) and asked if I had any spare change. I replied as I often
do, "sorry no I don't" and I genuinely didn't. She said something that I
didn't hear and I left it, she then said I wouldn't know what it's like to
suffer. I had two choices here either to bite my lip and say nothing or say
how I felt.

I simply told her that she was right, and I wouldn't know what it's like to
suffer.. I then removed my hat and said that I had Terminal Brain Cancer, so
no I wouldn't know what suffering is. By this time a number of people were
watching the goings on and as soon as I had finished my rant a woman
applauded me. She did come up to me and say well done for standing up for
myself and asked if I was ok. We did have a laugh as I said the only thing
wrong was that my head was cold, she simply told me to put my hat on.

The chav simply wandered off looked on by a number of people. Like a dog
with its tail between its legs comes to mind.

We thought we were going to get a visit from Nick and Geoff this evening but
from the picture Nick has sent me he has win the battle and they have been
out and bought a real Christmas tree and its up. We are however off to see
Scissor Sisters tomorrow with them so we might see it tomorrow.

Till tomorrow


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