Sunday, 12 December 2010

End of a weekend

Well it's been a fun and interesting weekend with lots of random things
going on.

Saturday I managed to sleep till 11am, I must have needed the sleep,
although I woke up tired, and so I knew that it was the fatigue not the
tiredness. Although if I am occupied doing something then I don't tend to
notice it as much.

Saturday afternoon then was spent finishing the presents wrapping (Mark
wraps and I move things around.....)

Then Saturday evening we were off to see Scissor Sisters, and I presumed
that as they were such a big group it would be bedlam getting into the
Arena, so we went more or less as soon as it opened, and how wrong was I,
the support came on at 7 and was on for half an hour's and then the main
thing was supposed to kick off at *, nope, they were late by about 45 mins
so we were sat in a warm arena on uncomfortable seats waiting for them to
com on.

However in the end the four of us (me, mark Nick and Geoff) all had a great
time. Although I was tired when I got home, notice a theme here?

Sunday was a bit of a nothing day really as neither of us could decide what
to do, so we went out to Swinton shopping centre. We shouldn't have
bothered.... as there was absolutely nothing there. We did manage to spend
£20 though - That's the pound shop for you.

This after however we have had a little bit of excitement. We went to Tesco
in Walkden, casually wandering round not looking for anything we heard a
loud bang then a hissing noise. People started t panic and leave the store,
and on our way out we saw a growing cloud of smoke coming from the freezer
section, there was a growing sense of panic about the place so we did what
any good person should do, is we got in the car and left. Now before you all
start moaning that we could have helped, there was loads of staff around and
the fewer bodies in a situation is better really.

However as soon as we got home we did look it up on the news. It turns out
that it's a suspected gas pipe rupture on the freezers.

That's it for all the excitement.

The down side of the weekend is the headache issue. If I hold my head in a
certain position, my head starts to throb and my vision goes funny and I can
hear my pulse, I Have to stop whatever I'm doing and hold my head level and
forward whilst the blood drains.

It is causing me an issue and will be on the phone tomorrow to Christies
just to confirm. It's probably just my head playing around and responding to
the treatment but best safer than sorry.

And in a large nutshell that's my weekend.

Other than tired, and the headaches it's been an OK weekend, that aching has
subsided slightly though so that's a bonus.

Until tomorrow


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  1. Ooooh, very exciting, sounds like you guys stay pretty calm in an emergency...calm and as far away as you can get ;)

    Definitely give Christies a ring about the headache, my gut says it's treatment related as funny things go on in the days and weeks after radiotherapy and I am sure your specialist nurse will resolve things quickly for you :)

    If there is anything I can do just give me a shout :)

    Your BT Buddy

    Natalya x