Tuesday, 14 December 2010

My Brains addicted to stroids

Today didn't start too brilliantly, in fact if truth be known it stared

I woke up with a really sharp headache much worse than yesterday, I felt
sick and generally fuzzy head. Imagine a really bad hangover - the ones
where you vow never to drink again, and that's somewhere close to where I
was. I wasn't well at all, I took my steroid and some pain killers but I
just felt worse. I phoned the Christies hotline and explained and the
outcome is that I have to increase my dosage of Steroids, and be reviewed

The result of today is I haven't actually done anything, which is actually
the first time since coming out of hospital that my illness has stopped me
being normal.

After taking the additional quantity of the steroid I did start to feel a
little bit better, but it's not really till now that I'm more or less back
to normal.

The Oncologist did say that I would start to feel ill from about week two
after treatment finishes and then again around week 5, and so far they are
right. So can only now sit and wait for week 5 - this is also the time I go
back onto the Chemo, so heaven only knows how am going to feel.

My mum came down this evening for her usual Tuesday visit and dinner

Because of my off day there isn't much else to write about , I'm hoping that
tomorrow I will feel a little more on form

Till then



  1. Hi Steve :) You know the pain you are feeling is the cancer cells dying, I think they explode so leave a little swelling in there so don't feel bad and put your heels up and give yourself a rest x x x

  2. My mum is a believer of 'the worse, the better', hope the old (60 yr old) sayin has some truth x