Monday, 13 December 2010

Shopping on Steroids...

Well another strange day for me. The headaches have slightly increased and
so as promised I phoned Christies.

I thought it could be something and nothing and would be in relation to my
treatment/side effects but thought it worth checking anyway.

The team I spoke to at the hospital took loads of different details and
suggested that I go back on the Steroids - not what I wanted but they know

Since taking the steroid I have felt much better and haven't had the
Throbbing Head issues, so that's a good thing.

I also went shopping with my mum today in Salford shopping precinct. This
again is another place I can cross off my list of places to go to. Its nice
to go shopping with mum as I used to do this when I was younger and we don't
get chance to go much now.

Mark then came home and we went shopping again, just a few little bits for
Xmas but all sorted now.

Nothing else happened today really. I'm going to have a resting day tomorrow
and if I feel upto it, I'm going to be taking some pictures of costumes for
the website.!/group.php?gid=57127533950

The costumes are going pretty well, but need to push it a little more, and
get photographing the hundreds we have on there, and all the accessories and
other paraphernalia as well. The more we get rid of the more we find, eBay
and Facebook will be busy in the next few weeks....

This will all probably change tomorrow though as I forget some of it and
remember about something else...

Till tomorrow


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  1. Glad the headaches are back under control :) The steroids, whilst not being anyones favourite things, can really help in the weeks after radiotherapy as the brain tries to cope with what it has gone through. Fingers crossed things settle down and you can come back off them again soon :)

    Wish I had your enthusiasm for shopping! Off to Liverpool today so might try and brave the crowds and get some Christmas shopping done!

    Your BT Buddy,

    Natalya x