Thursday, 16 December 2010


Well today has been a better day but I can't say it's been one of my best.

I'm still slightly suffering from the headaches caused by me coming off the
steroids, but they are getting better, so that's a good sign, at least the
light-headedness has gone now.

Have had a couple of messages from various people telling me that this is
the hardest time but it will all be over soon and things will settle down
after that so that's good and encouraging.

I managed to sort a load of work emails out this morning for the office,
which made me feel so much better as I can log on tomorrow and not have a
full inbox, that and people were depending on the items being sorted.

Xmas is almost finished now too, Mark is just wrapping the last few things,
he then has to wrap my goodies.

A lot of marks presents I have bought him are from online stores and haven't
arrived yet so am a little worried that I haven't got a lot for I'm if
nothing turns up by the weekend I will be one of those mad idiots who dash
out the week before Xmas.

Mark also took me to the cinema this evening to watch the Narnia film in 3D
(were getting used to this....)

I like our little trips out to the cinema as its complete escapism, and for
the few hours that am there nothing matters, there is no such thing as
cancer, there is no issues and there are no time limits on everything. I
come out and feel refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge, which
is generally the tiredness and the walk back to the car.

This evening two friends came round to do the exchanging of gifts and to see
how we all were. There has been a standing joke between us all that when I
lost my hair due to the Chemo then they would shave their Mary's (work it
out) and that all of Asda would follow suit.

Well for our combined present one of the items was a bag of hair - which
signifies the trimmed Marys.... (you will be pleased to know that its
actually washed hair from the hairdressers) They had also made some "Marys"
to wear, they are basically Santa beards with accessories on them.... Will
post pictures soon. We haven't opened the other gifts apart from the Santa
suits that they got us, we have promised to post pictures of these too.

Thanks ladies I'm sure you're going to cause a giggle on Christmas

I now need to go and wrap marks birthday present as it's his birthday
tomorrow and I still haven't wrapped his present, I suppose I could do it in
the morning, but it might remind me if do what I have done with his birthday
card.... oh the joys of having a crap short term memory...

Tomorrow is another fun filled day of all sorts, will see what the allsorts
is when it comes but I haven't got anything on my to do list so am doing

Will update again tomorrow

Steve x

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