Wednesday, 22 December 2010


There is one word for today and that's Lazy.

We haven't done an awful lot really. Mark has made up the spare room for my
parents this weekend and I threw the vac around the house and loaded the
dishwasher but that was about it.

My brother and Dr Jon came today too so that filled up a big part of the
afternoon. There hasn't been a reason for the laziness from either of us,
its just we have collectively done not a lot, and to be honest its been nice
that we have just both pottered around doing little things.

I made dinner this evening, a good old traditional Lancashire dish Tata Ash
(potato hash to some) and I was going to make it a seasonal dish for a laugh
and put sprouts in it but I forgot.... Anyway we all enjoyed it and my mum
always does love it so that's a good thing.

The plans for Christmas are still going on, and home is almost finished just
a last few things to do and were ready.

Tomorrow were off to do more of the Santa deliveries and then to the
Supermarket for the last few things.

Off to bed now long day of niceness tomorrow, now you know it's not my
nature to be nice lol...

Steve x

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