Thursday, 23 December 2010

and its all done....

Well apart from the bits we need to do at home, which won't actually take
that long we have done for Christmas.

The last bits of food shopping have just been done and its sat outside in
the car (its -8 so am sure the fresh stuff will be OK)

I'm looking forward to the weekend now as its going to be a fun weekend with
both sets of parents and my sister and brother in law, the day promises to
be fun, and this year I can honestly say I haven't got a clue what presents
I have got.

Tomorrow will be spent tidying up and doing the last few fancy bits round
the house ready for the arrival of everyone on Friday, and then it's the big

On a health noted. I have today started on traditional Chinese Green tea,
now I have been drinking Green Tea for a couple of weeks now but this is the
supermarkets own, the one im drinking isone my mum bought fr me from the
heath food shop and is in leaf form, it tastes much better than the
supermarket stuff (there isn't actually that much taste to it) but its not
processed like the supermarket stuff so I am going to give it a go. There is
a load of benefits that go with it, so it can only help.

The one good side of it is that it detoxifies the body, I have noticed that
my skin is getting better too, so its doing something somewhere at least.

Am off to bed now as my body is aching.

Till tomorrow


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