Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

Well today has been a mixed bag of things and its certainly made for a
random day.

First off we were woken up by Tanja to tell us that the main water pipe
entering the house had burst and that the water board were going to attend
so we don't need to report it. The result is the stopcock out the front of
our house has burst on the pavement and as a result we now have an ice rink
outside the house. They did attend earlier on but just covered the whole
area in rock salt, which is good really as the flowing water has just washed
it away.....

Today the house cleanup has also commenced, and I have done bits around the
house to help, however I have had a nap this afternoon as I have been tired
and achy today. The house though is almost done and Mark has performed his
magic and the dining table is starting to look fabulous.

All the items I have ordered for Mark have now arrived and are now wrapped
so that's good, I just need to put tags on them and make sure that I have
everything (I even went through the bottom of my wardrobe to make sure I had

Tomorrow is going to be another early start as mark wants to get all Fanny
Craddock and make some cakes, I fancy making stuff too so will give him a
helping hand. It's then finish laying the table and last bits of tidying and
then everyone will start to arrive. And then its relax time.

Am off to bed now, I'm going to head off with a cup of Chinese tea to work
its wonders whilst I sleep.


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