Friday, 3 December 2010

Last Day

Well that’s it for the last few weeks of December. Mo more treatment until the first week of January.

I must say I’m glad that its over for the time being as the journey to Christies every day was getting to me and everyone that had to take me. The waiting was also another major factor in adding to the tiredness. But all that’s over now for a while.

The tiredness has been an issue today and I have had to push myself to keep going, although I must admit to having a nap earlier when I had finished tidying one of the bedrooms.

Have made a realisation today, I’m not so bothered by the fact I’m bald any more. I have been to Asda this evening and my head was getting very warm, I even contemplated taking my hat off, it really didn’t bother me.

I didn’t take my hat off as it got cold in the store, but at least it’s not an issue for me anymore.

The whole mirror thing I’m no longer having issues with. I wanted mark to remove the large mirror in our bedroom when I was first diagnosed, but as I don’t look ill I have said it’s not an issue.

Tomorrow will be odd as I don’t have to take my Chemo or go to the hospital and therefore I don’t have timescales to work to like I have for the last six weeks I can eat my lunch whenever please..

Tomorrow I’m also off for a Massage to relieve the fatigue, so hopefully tomorrow I will be nice and relaxed just in time for our friends visit for the weekend.

I'm off to bed now as am knackered

Will update on my first treatment free day tomorrow.

Steve x

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