Saturday, 6 November 2010

With a bang....

Well folks time for another update. I didn't do one yesterday as I was both tired and frustrated. Tired because of the treatment and frustrated because of the blasted fireworks that were going off all round the place. Heaven knows why especially on november 5th anyway lol....

I don't like fireworks at the best of times, call me miserable and such but I just see then as a waste of money and a noisy thing that lasts for weeks. Also one of our neighbours tries to blast his house into orbit every year with a commercial standard display. It just makes my ornaments rattle (in more ways than one)

The other thing about last night was memories. The last time I was stood on my doorstep was new years eve of last year. I was drinking a glass of champagne to my aunt Val that had sadly lost her battle to cancer that dat.

It got to me slightly and I ended up in a strange mood afterwards when we went to bed.

In bed I couldn't sleep, Mark was snoring, my legs were aching and restless and I just couldn't settle so I ended up trying to occupy my mind on eBay and by some odd internet advertising fluke I ended up looking at planning my own funeral.

Now I have no intention of going anywhere yet but know that my funeral being within the next few years is a possibility.

I would like to plan my funeral and not leave the burden to family and also to ensure that its done the way I want, after all its the last finale I will ever get to perform in.

That's something I have to think about now though as at present with all the songs I would like played its going to be a week of a funeral and the catering will have to be done in rotation.....

Anyway back to today, we have driven down to Lincolnshire to collect a chais lounge that Mark bought on eBay he will be doing it up and either selling it or it will fit into the house somewhere. On the way back we stopped in Leeds to do a spot of christmas shopping. We haven't bought any presents for anyone just a 5ft candelabra for us. Oh well....

Now were off to my mothers for a takeaway to finish off the day.

Who knows what's in store for tomorrow..


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  1. I know its difficult, to say the least, for you and your family to contemplate a funeral but once its faced, done and out of the way you are free to concentrate on the important things. Bless you ♥ you have all it takes to turn their diagnosis on its head :) Look up David M Bailey on google and Utube they gave him 6 months (same dx) he took 14 years! Love and Luck to you and keep up that positive attitude thats all you need x x x