Friday, 5 November 2010


Today has been another of those days when I have started to think about my

I noticed last week that on the Thursday I was a little more tired than
normal, and that the Friday was a hard day to complete, I have been told
that this is to be expected as the treatment builds up in my system. I was a
little refreshed by Monday. However today I have noticed the signs again and
am expecting tomorrow to be a long day.

I have now completed 9 sessions of radiotherapy and have another 21 to go,
the travelling is starting to take its toll on me as is all the waiting at
the hospital, but is something I have to put up with. Medication wise
everything is running smoothly and am in a good routine for taking the Chemo
at the appropriate times. I'm sure though if you pick me up I will rattle
with the number of tablets I take...

Had a meal out tonight which was good but I think I ate too much (I know I
ate too much) and the mammoth Mixed grill was simply far too much for me, I
must admit to leaving half a sausage though which is bad form in considering
how much I actually ate, I'm sure I could have squeezed it in somewhere, we
then went from there to friends who offered us food, but we had to
graciously decline....

We have just got back from delivering three of our wigs to their new home
(two of mine and one of Marks) now it's always been our rule never to lend
anyone our wigs as they are our image but now that things have changed and
everything is going its odd to see someone else in our costumes and wigs
etc, it's also flattering that people would want to own them too. Still very
sad though that this part of my life has come to an end because of the
illness, but like I said before, when I come through the other side we will
have bigger and better costumes, and this is just an excuse to clear the
dressing room.

Nothing much else to mention today.

More to follow tomorrow.

Steve x


  1. Am reading your blog regularly and it's good to hear how you're doing.
    As ever, you're both in my thoughts.

    Liz xxx

  2. Hello Darling, I didnt know what was going on with you when i wrote that pick ya up msg. but darling i feel for sure you are a fighter!! (i am a bit psychic filled with empathy) lol.

    I am sure that the dressing room will get filled up again.

    Keep ya chin up hunni

    Ally L xx