Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A new Hairstyle

Today has been a fun and interesting day, but also a day that has made me

The shop is going well, which ic good, and the costumes are slowly working
their way to new owners all round the country, this is both sad for me as
they are ultimately costumes made for me but also good as they will actually
get worn again and be performed in, which is what they were made for.

Today have been at Christies for a large amount of the day. First was my wig
appointment at the Wig Room. Now this is going to sound stupid, but I was
very nervous about wearing a wig (who would have though) The wig is only
going to be used to give me a choice when my hair starts to fall out later
into the treatment. This part I am not too particularly bothered about but
my scar will be much more evident and I simply don't want the hassle of
people pointing it out and assuming whatever they like.

The wig itself is not far from my natural colour so is ok in that respect,
however its slightly longer than my natural style so looks different, but
considering in hadn't had my hair cut for the best part of 3 months before I
had it cut last week it was getting long anyway and it looked like that. So
now I have the choice of my wig or the hats to wear, I just need cold
weather now to wear my hats....

The other thing I have been thinking about today is the whole cancer issue
and the fact that there is so much money raised for cancer awareness, it
also annoys me that there is only a very small percentage of this money
raised that is actually spent on research into brain tumours and cancers.
Breast and testicles are all over the place, but the brain, the biggest and
most important part of the body is lacking in funding.

I have set myself a task of helping to raise the awareness of Brain Tumours
and Cancer and will do as much as I possibly can.

This blog is not just published on my blog but also linked on the BT Buddies website. The site is a mine of
information on all things Brain Tumour related, and is run by a very
dedicated team.

The team are a charity and rely on volunteers and charitable donations.

This is where I get on my soapbox and ask for a little bit of help. As some
of you have said is there a charity that you can donate to then yes there
is, please go to their shop on eBay
and buy something from them, so your doing your bit for charity, making me
smile and helping your retail urges all in the name of a good cause. Were
all smiling.

Something somebody said to me today is that I am an inspiration and that I
am so brave facing the news I have been given, my only response was that I'm
actually shit scared of the future but I have two choices either stand up
and fight and see where it gets me, or sit back and let this thing eat me up
inside and everyone around me. I'm not like that, I'm going to make a lot of
noise, be cantankerous and give this thing a run for its money. But I
suppose I do look at other people and see them as an inspiration so in a way
I suppose I am, it depends upon how you see things.

If you see me as an inspiration then good, im glad I am giving you the will
to go on, just like the people I look up to and make me want to carry on.
Together we can get through this, together we can beat this, Together we can
be strong.

Anyway that's enough of me ranting on, I'm going to organise a charity event
or something to work off the tension, who knows Miss Whiplash and Bobbie
Dazzler may make a Special guest appearance.

Steve x

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