Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Today is the day we were supposed to be going on holiday.

Three weeks in India, has been booked for us since early March of this year.
But unfortunately due to my illness diagnosis, this had to be scrapped. The
choice was simple really. Go on holiday and probably no see Christmas, or
stay here, get the best possible treatment I can, and fight this thing.

There really isn't much of a choice is there.

For myself and you guys all around me I chose to stay and fight, and fight
is what am going to do.

There will be plenty of time for other holidays next year when am better.

This whole thing has made me think of some of the other choices I have had
to make in my life, and the choices are simply easier to accept and make.
Its amazing how life changing this whole thing has been.


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  1. good for you mrs and hopefully will come and see you when i can xxxx roada xxxx