Monday, 1 November 2010


Well is been a few days since I last updated my blog, and nothing major has
happened other than tiredness is becoming a major part of my life now.

Saturday was the visit of my sister in law and her husband, which was nice
as we only get to see them every few months as they are from Norfolk (or
that's where they live at least)

Saturday night was dinner with friends in Wigan - Jamaican delicacies - it
was lovely, and the conversation brilliant too, was nice to go out, not get
blind drunk (who would have thought me not getting blind drunk would be a
good thing....) and hen leave at a reasonable time.

Sunday morning was a bit of a slow start though for me as I was aching all
over - like I had run a million miles. I managed to complete the day though
as had loads to do.

Sunday afternoon was the photo shoot that I wanted with Mark and all four
parents, The photo shoot will be a reminder of good times when I don't feel
very well as the treatment gets further underway.

Today has been another of those days where the treatment is starting to kick
in. My body aches and is tired, and doing the smallest of things takes just
a little longer. I have not had any sickness though in the last few days
which is certainly a positive, and my appetite is at the moment unaffected.

The week ahead is looking really simple, just normal day to day items,
taking my exercise which I am intent on doing, although it's only walking to
the post office and back and my treatment.

Early nights are something that are becoming more of an option now too,
although I do struggle to sleep when I get there as I become restless, that
and my brain is slightly confused as to why I am in bed at such an early

Tomorrow is the day were also supposed to be going on holiday to India. We
have been looking forward to the holiday since early March when it was
booked. Unfortunately because of treatment and the timescales involved we
have had to cancel.

Two of our friends who were going on the same holiday are still going
though, which we are OK with but it's still there that were supposed to be
going too. Were taking them to the airport though and waving them off. We
hope they have a lovely time and bring us back the goodies they have
promised (a stick of India Rock, and a Straw Elephant.....)

Tomorrow is another day (although it will start early because of the Airport
run, but tomorrow is going to be a good day. Every day no matter what is a
good day, and being ill, down or just not wanting to do anything - I have
to keep thinking positive and keep going forward.

Anyway enough of the PMA soapbox.

Just wanted to finish by saying thank you to my Partner Mark, and my four
parents for being so supportive over the last few weeks. They all do their
own little bit, and perform a little something in my life each day even
though they may not know it. I love you all.

Steve x

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