Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Invisible Sun

Well yesterday was just the final day of this week's Radiotherapy, and its
already starting to show, as both Thursday and |Friday I was really tired
and I actually succumbed to a nap on Friday.

I think it's a culmination of my normal life doing normal things, and the
treatment, one of them is going to have to give a little, and I don't have
any choice with the treatment so am going to have to look at the rest of my
life me thinks.

The week as a whole though has been good, and this weekend my sister sis up
with her husband, which is nice as it's a change of the norm.

I'm still tired today but don't intend to do massive amounts, as even though
am sleeping I'm not getting any less tired, the Radiographers did say that
though as its not tiredness its fatigue (whatever the difference is)

Were off out today to do a little shopping as its a nice change (although
that's all we appear to do at the moment) so were off out with sister and

This evening were off to friends for dinner, I'm looking forward to it as
its going to be a Jamaican and I love different foods.

Will update later


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