Thursday, 28 October 2010


Today has been another good day for me, however the tiredness has really caught up with me. I walked to the end of our road a trip I try and do every day. The road just got longer and longer as I walked.
I had to do the trip though as I needed to go to the post office, and was something I feel I have to do.

I know I can push myself just a little every day but I know I suffer the consequences later in the day. Although am not napping at the moment like I was, today was one of those occasions where I should have possibly had a nap.

Another thing I have noticed this week is the amount of interest people have in me.

I know being a public figure of sorts as Miss Whiplash that I should be used to that but this is my real life. I know I have publicised the whole story of my illness on my blog and on Facebook but people always want to know more. And often people question you the same on a daily basis.

Have found though that because my Radiotherapy treatments are in the afternoon I can stick to a normal day, including food. I can have breakfast and lunch at appropriate times and then treatment and then dinner at normal time.

The timetable also allows both me and Mark to have semi normal days, as he is now going back to work as much as possible and am working from home too.

I'm sure its just me being me, and the attention is a good thing and the positivity is a good thing for me too but it is starting to stress me out a little, hence this blog I can release the info how I please. And its in a truthful manor.

Mark picks up on my stress and it then becomes an issue between the two of us.

Anyway am off to sleep now as tomorrow is another day.

Ps is it almost Xmas soon or something all the adverts are either sofas, games consoles or food hampers....
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