Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wash and went....

Well today has been the first full day with my balding patch. Its also
started to come out on the other side of my head too today, I did remark to
the Oncologist that I expected it to be a gradual loss, and she said thats
not always the way... oh well.

I wore my wig all day today, including to the office where I have been in
and done a little work.

Nobody made an issue out of the fact I had a wig on, it was actually me that
made the first joke about it, to break the ice.

I really enjoyed going back into the office today, it provided me with a
little bit of normality, that and I got a load done as the PC was so

Have said as long as am able will go in and do more next week.

Nothing else to update though now, so will sign off and have an early night.


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