Thursday, 11 November 2010


I have been tired today, and I know it's because of the treatment. This
morning I struggled to get myself motivated and even the littlest of things
were hard work. This is really the first time that I have experienced this
feeling for a full day. It got slightly worse after my treatment this

After my treatment today I had the usual fuzzy head and pressure behind my
left eye, this fades though after a couple of hours. Today though it's all
faded as usual but it has left me very tired. A good night's sleep should
help me out though, I'm glad that tomorrow is the last treatment of the week
though. I'm now half way through my entire course so that's a good thing.

I also managed to do a little bit of work from home, I'm just limited in
what I can do because of my machine. But the little bit that I can do gives
me some reason for every day - its mad that we all complain about going to
work every day and would like give up work at the drop of a hat. My choice
in the matter was made for me because of the illness and its now almost two
and a half months since I have been officially been in the office, its mad
but my whole day has been disrupted by nit going to work, and my normality
has been turned upon its head. The work I do now from home with the help of
work, helps me retain some of this normality, and I would like to thank work
for being accommodating in the issue.

Tomorrow I'm going out with my mum for the afternoon, nothing planned just
as yet but have to have treatment at 4pm so who knows what we will get up
to, will just be nice to be out with my mum for a couple of hours, it also
gives Mark the afternoon off and he can do whatever he wants to, its good
that he has time on his own too, although I do enjoy spending time with him,
even if it is just travelling to the hospital and back.

Will update tomorrow with what I get up to.


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