Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Just before Bed

Just before bed I have had a shower to try and rinse the loose bits if hair
from my head.


This is the result, I now have a huge bald patch right over my scar area.

I'm OK with the hair loss, as it's all for a good reason, and the treatment
I am receiving will hopefully help me to be here for a lot longer. Its' just
odd that its gone from no hair loss yesterday to a huge bald spot today.

I have decided to go into the office tomorrow for a few hours, I have said I
would do, and it also gets me out of the house and gives me a little bit of
normality to my day, and would like to do it every week if possible.

He one issue I have now is, do I wear my wig, or a hat to hide my baldness.

I know the guys in the office will be OK with me wearing a wig, and that it
will actually be me that makes a joke out of my wig before any of them do, I
think that way there will be no issue.

Will decide in the morning.

Anyway am off to bed

More tomorrow.


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