Saturday, 13 November 2010


Well today has been another good and productive day.

Our dressing room is slowly becoming more like a shop, as items go from our
personal things to sale items. The washing machine will be going into
overdrive in the next day's washing some of the costumes before they are
photographed. eBay has become my new home page as I work out what is going
on there and what to charge (I must admit to bidding on a few things as

The treatment is slowly starting to make its presence in my life now, not
only in the loss of my hair on the left side of my head, which is now
getting to be a bigger bald patch, and its bloody itch, think sunburn and
your half way there. I have cream that I can apply but it still itches.

The aching and tiredness are also becoming a permanent presence too. The
aching can be alleviated by keeping going, and drinking plenty of liquids,
I'm constantly attached to a water bottle now, as I drink loads during the

Tomorrow is another busy day as would like to pop to the warehouse for a new
product range and then off to my mum's for dinner.

I have felt good today, and want to continue this way.

More to follow tomorrow.


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  1. Not sure if you have read it or not Steve but there are some good pointers in this article on fatigue and a few links at the bottom that you might find useful too

    Your BT Buddy,

    Natalya x