Saturday, 20 November 2010


Well its the end of another week for my treatment and its starting to show.
I'm now tired and my body is starting to ache with fatigue

Luckily I only have a 9 sessions to go and then am a few person. No more
daily trips to Christies.

The last few days have been strange as things with different people have
been ironed out - the issue f pressure and crowding has now been addressed
and everyone feels a lot more comfortable, me especially.

I have had a busy two days, and have been a lot more focused on what I have
been doing. I have managed to do loads of work for the office and have
actually managed to stay at my desk and my inbox is now empty - im sure it
will be full again on Monday morning....

The shop is going well and we have finally managed to get new pictures of
stock onto the Facebook group
7533950> &tid=1456591622405#!/group.php?gid=57127533950 I no longer have an
issue about selling all my costumes and see them simply as stock. A few of
my costumes have gone to close friends, and am happier knowing that they
will be worn rather than stored and go to waste.

There is still loads of stuff to go on there so will keep us both going for
the next few weeks.

My visits to the post office, which is both needed for the sales and my
daily outing are becoming more regular and on some days I have to go twice,
or as earlier in the week three times. The guy in the post office thinks am
running some dodgy scam or something am sure.

Today I realised how tiring travelling to Christies and back can be. The
treatment appears to be the easy part of the process, but the majority of
this week the treatments have all been delayed by a minimum of 45 minutes.
This doesn't help when you turn up 30 minutes early, sitting in the waiting
room just draws the energy out of you.

This is one area where I really do feel sorry for Mark, all the driving,
even though it is only 8.5 miles away, it can take an hour each way. But he
wants to do the journey every day as its our time together - sad I know but
we have some really good conversations just the two of us in the car, it's
ike the conversations we had whilst travelling to a gig and back again, bit
like a mobile lounge, just with less candles and no access to the toilet....

Yesterday we also sorted out the piles of Christmas presents that we have
bought. Those people that know us will know that were usually really
organised and by now are almost completely bought up for Christmas, well
were not far behind and have only got a couple to buy for but there is now
very little time so we better get our skates on. Am looking forward to
Christmas this year, and have vowed that it will snow on Christmas Day - I
dug the snow machine out too so I know it will.....

Tomorrow I'm going to have a full day working on the store, and will see
what stuff I can get on. Once it's all on Facebook, I can then put it on
eBay, so plenty to do. Ark is going to finish the curtains for our lounge
and then we can get these put up, I must then fit the surround sound and
make sure all the cables are hidden away, I have been doing it for weeks,
but don't ever get round to it.

Anyway my legs are aching and I should be in bed.

Will update tomorrow.

Steve x


  1. Hi Steve..... your blog is fab and i think what you are doing will be helping other people to deal with and see things in a different light....i wake up each day ( god willing ) and i have to go straight to your blog and it enlightens me so much x x I am commenting annonymously but you know who i am so on that note goodnight and god bless and lets see what tommorow brings x x

  2. Thanks, whoever you are.
    My blog is a personal thing that helps me see every day as a positive thing. If this makes others positive too then thats simply a bonus.