Saturday, 20 November 2010


Today has been an amazing day both in respect of business and also

The sales from the shop are really starting to come in now and my visit to
the post office on Monday may be spread over 2 or three trips. The gut will
really think am odd or I fancy him lol.

The shop doing well has really given me a boost and has given me the urge to
do more, so over the next few days you will see lots more products on the
Facebook group!/group.php?gid=57127533950

The other good thing about the shop being busy is that it it keeps me going
through the day, back and forth to the store room and back and forth to my
desk to collect the printouts and then back and forth to the post office.
The keeping moving part is especially important as it helps to combat the
fatigue that is now setting in, and I have really noticed it today.

My whole body aches if I stop and do nothing, so keeping going, although its
hard it does help - so does drinking lots of fluid - I have turned into a
right tea belly, and must have had about 10 cups today, must remember to cut
down on that one.....

Mark has almost finished the curtains for our lounge, its been his mission
to get the lounge decorated before I started to become ill with the
treatment so that I could go in there and relax when I wasnt feeling so
good, but we just have had so much on that its taken longer than expected.
The curtains are now almost done though now and once these are up, a few
little bits left (like me putting the surround sound in) and a few pictures
up and its done. I love Mark for doing all the hard work on the decoraating,
and I know he will benefit from it too, but he's done it for me to make me
feel good.

All this has to be done before next week though as we have to start thinking
about Christmas, and putting up the tree's. Now normally they wouldnt be up
so early but we have visitors at the start of December and they would like
to see the tree, and being as it takes over a week to get out, set up and
decorat and then tidy aftarwards we have to bring the whole process forward
a couple of weeks.

This is another thing that will keep me going, as I love the house all
decorated for Christmas, we have two tree's and the spiral staircase becomes
another tree of sorts, every surface is is covered with Christmas, the oill
burners are burning the Christmas aroma - its amazing and am really looking
forward to it.

I now only have 9 sessions of radiotherapy left and am looking forward to it
ending, as much as I know its good for me, I will be glad to see the back of
it, although if I have to go for another session, I will, as it gives me the
best oppertunity to fight the battle.

I spoke to someone today whos father is also on Chmotherapy, but its
obviously an IV treatment (needles and drips etc) and they have had really
bad reactions to the treatment, im fortunatet that touch wood I havent had
any issues with the Chemo, and have managed to settle into a routine that
allows me to work through the day and work with the treatment. I'm just
hoping that this is a good sign that the treatment is being effective and
that I can beat the cancer instead of it beating me - although I know it
will ultimately beat me, if I can give it the runaround for a few more years
and manage to loose it then the better it is for me.

Right I need to go to bed as im aching and tired, and I feel tomorrow is
going to be another busy day, I still have to make the bed too, as I did the
laundry too today (like I do most days, I really dont know where it all
comes from).

Anyway till tomorrow

Steve x

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