Friday, 22 October 2010

Normality has started to return..... For today at least

Well today has been a semi normal day for me, I have even made an appearance
in the office for a couple of hours. Which for me was nice as I have started
to claim back my normal life.

I didn't actually get much achieved in the office but I was there...

There has been no hospital today for me (Mark had to go though for me to
pick up my medication.

The medication, although only small, is probably the most important set of
tablets that I will ever take, as they are my Chemo tablets, I don't know
what I was expecting of the tablets but they look just like any other
tablet, I was expecting them to come in a special box or something, but they
don't. Picture is attached.

There is also a few other tablets that I have to take with the Chemo
tablets. First Is the anti sickness drug as Chemo can cause sickness. There
is also a antibiotic tablet as my immune system is compromised whilst on the
treatment, hence why the last few weeks I have been taking immune boosting

The rest of the day has been spent having lunch with a friend who came over
from Sheffield. It was nice to meet up with them as I don't see them often,
but was also nice to go out and do "Normal Things"

Other than that, it's been a normal day, and as the advert for Macmillan
says "Today hasn't been all about Cancer"

I'm still having the headaches though from the Steroid drug, this was
discussed with the doctors yesterday and they say this is a common side
effect for when you're coming off the drug,, I been off it a week now so
should be stopping pretty soon. Although they may put m back on them when
the Radiotherapy kicks in...

At least all these drugs are keeping me here, so it's a little price to pay
for extra time with the people I love. And as I keep telling Mark, I have no
plans to go anywhere yet as I have a list of things I still need to do.

Right bedtime for me as it's a full day tomorrow.

Steve x

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  1. Hi Steve, Just got to know about your ordeal, I have a friend who as just been through what you are going through and is now in great health and as been in remission for the over 2 years so keep sane, think positive and we will see you back entertaining us again soon, Lots of Love... Loz, Glenda, Vicky, Trevor, Steve & June - Gimme Abba!