Saturday, 23 October 2010

Mega Update

Well I didn't do an update as I had loads on, and then friends came over

Yesterday was the first day of my treatment.

I now have to take close 20 tablets a day as you have seen from the


The radiotherapy went without a hitch, although the appoitment was much
longer than I axpected as she run through absolutely everything. She has
said that my subsiquent treatments will be much quicker as it will be a case
if turn up, get clipped in and get zapped.

The chemo also started on Friday, which consists of 5 tablets.

The only problem with Chemo is the sickness. So I take an anti sickness
tablets as well. The sickness was the main worry of mine as I donr do being
sicl. Luckily I havent had any sickness on either Friday or Sunday.

The only problem is the headaches. Ever since I have come off the steroids I
have had progressively worsening headaches, and have been taking painkillers
to combat them, this has now been combatted as they have put be back onth a
small dose, and they have halped dramatically.

I have also been told that I have to drink lots more water as this will
combat the fatigue that I will start to feel over the course of my
treatment, so my new man-bag accessory is a sports bottle of water.

Other than that its been a normal weekend we have been shopping with friends
who have come up from Norfolk for the weekend.

Will update again tomorrow.


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