Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Another Trip to Christies

Well hello my Blogettes (is that what you are if you read other peoples

Today has actually been a good day, and relatively fun. Have spent the whole
day with Mark, and a large part of it was spent at Christies.

First was my wig appointment, which was really odd for me, as naturally she
assumed that being only 31 and male that I would have never worn a wig
properly before (oh how I laughed inside) and was trying to tell me how wigs
were made, how they were based and blah blah blah, I would have loved to
tell her that I have over 100 wigs in the dressing room of every conceivable
shape and colour, but I didn't and she promptly started putting these wigs
on my head.

I have chosen something that's close to my natural style and colour, and
need to go for another fitting in the next week or so, which is lucky as of
next week, I will be attending the hospital every day Monday to Friday for
my Radiotherapy treatment.

One thing I would like to say to you guys is thanks for all your positive
comments and messages, I have people who I don't even know now sending me
messages saying that the blog is an inspiration and it is giving them the
willpower to keep going. That means a lot, and sounds like I am blowing my
own trumpet, but if what I am doing with this blog is helping others then it
makes it even better.

The only downside of today is the headache I have had since Friday. The
downside of coming off the steroids that I have been on since I was admitted
to hospital, I am effectively having withdrawal symptoms and the headache is
part and parcel of this, luckily they are decreasing every day and I should
be free of them in the next few days, however the radiotherapy can cause
headaches so I may have to go back on them again....

Oh well never mind.

Tomorrow I have said I would like to go to the office and say hello to all
the guys, as two of them leave on Friday and I know I will be busy with my
treatment then so would like to wave them off as they have been a great
team. That and it gets me out of the house and back into a normal swing of

Right am going to sign off and head off to bed with a DVD, I will probably
be asleep before the opening credits roll but I do that anyway so no change
there then.


Steve x

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