Tuesday, 12 October 2010

It gets better

Today got better.

After last nights little breakdown I managed to sleep, and wake this morning
with a few thoughts, but I have had things t do today and therefore I have
managed to have a positive day overall.

I have had a conversation with my mum and with mark about things that need
to be discussed, and even though we didn't discuss anything its proven
something to me that I am capable of having that conversation. So in the
next few weeks there will be conversations had that I wouldn't normally like
to have, if you get my drift.....

In other areas of my life, I managed to do a couple of hours work for my
office job, which left me positive. And have managed to do a little work on
the shop with mark, it's all on Facebook at the moment but will slowly go
onto the website too.

The shop is working really well and gives me something to focus on, which is
good as my attention span is shocking at the moment, for example I walked to
the post office, which is only at the end of my road, to post a letter and
have some passport photos done.

I posted the letter and was only when I returned home that I realised I
hadn't had my pictures done, so I had to walk back down again, which left me
tired. Never mind....

Notebooks and "To Do" lists are becoming an important part of my life I have
to write it down otherwise I forget about it immediately. So with a Job, a
shop, hospital visits and general day to day things to do, I write it down.
I just have to remember where I wrote stuff down as I have a few lists...

Anyway its late, and am tired so am off to bed.

Full afternoon in Hospital tomorrow for various appointments relating to my
mask etc.

Will update again tomorrow - its on my list of things to do...

Steve x

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