Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Fitting and tests, and TK Maxx

Well, today was my fitting for my mask in readiness for my Radiotherapy.

The mask loos very odd


It lools rather odd, but is basically there to hold my head still during the
treatment. I have to just switch off and let them do what they want to do.

The three appoitnents I had today were to ensure that the mask was the
correct size, and also to mark where they are going to apply the
Radiotherapy beams, so now it has lots of crosses and measurments on it. The
doodles obviously mean something to someone..

I also mad an appoitment at the wig room for next Wednesday too.

I have been told I may end up going bald, I may only go bald on select
patches. So having a wig will give me the option of having a full head of
hair if I want to go out. - will be odd for me to wear a wig without the
whole getup of miss whiplash on as well.

I was also contacted today by someone on facebook who has a family member
who has just been told they have to go for tests for somethin gin their
head, like I did at the start of September.

This is a hard thing to discuss for anyone, and having been there and been
told the worst news I do feel for them, the waiting is awful.

The only advice I could give them was to be POSITIVE, there is noting else
you can do. Being positiveis to me is the most important thing I can do, and
those around me can do. If im positive in my mind, then im hoping that my
body will follow suit.

We found a poster in a shop and it sums up exactly how I feel

It's a comedy slogan, but it actually touched me and is basically how I
feel. Team Steve is standing up ready to fight this thing.

Anyway, today has been a good day and tomorrow is going to be better.

Anyone that wants to drop me a line please do so, all I can offer is a
positive comment and any adice that I have picked up along the way.


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  1. Dear Steve and Mark (or Enid and Bobbie?) :)

    I LOVE the sign, a great way to look at things :)

    You have done remarkably well with your mask fitting, I know it can be quite scary for lots of different reasons, and, funnily enough no one ever asks me what radiotherapy is going to be like but many people want to know about the mask making process etc. As the days go on you will get used to it and it's for a relatively short time each day so you will have to think of lots of fun things to do after your appointments! :)

    Most often hairloss will be a patch where the beam goes in and a patch the otherside where it comes out. Not everyone will lose their hair and most people don't lose all of it, but, from the little I know about you Steve I am pretty sure you'll enjoy the wig fitting! :)

    I know I say this every time I post but, if there is anything at all you are worried about (either of you) or if you just need someone to talk to you can contact me via email or facebook me and I can give you a contact number.

    I am more than happy to help in anyway I can. Oh and, I will get back to you asap about the masks :)

    Keep smiling :)

    Your BT Buddy

    Natalya x