Sunday, 10 October 2010

Another day

Well today has been yet another good day, things have gone well and we have
managed to get a lot done. We bought the paint for our lounge. We were going
to start decorating the lounge before I was taken into hospital but then for
obvious reason that was put on a back burner., however now that am feeling
relatively OK we have decided to decorate the lounge, as its somewhere I
will be spending a lot of time when my treatment kicks in.

It's nice to be able to go out and buy all the relevant bits and pieces
needed, although I am tired now as we have traipsed around a few different

Like I said yesterday, I'm not going to allow the issues of my illness to
get to me, there will be plenty of occasions over the forthcoming weeks
whilst I'm in the middle of treatment for me to feel down so whilst I am fit
and able am also going to be positive and upbeat.

I have also started on an regime of Immune system boosting vitamins etc
today, as the Chemo will lower my Immune System whilst I'm on them, this
along with my Swine Flu and my Flu jabs I'm preparing for everything, that
and I have had all the relevant Jabs for India, so i have a fighting chance
of not getting Yellow Fever.....

Friends came over today which was nice, they are a lively bunch and really
brought a smile to my face, it's in time like these that friends really do
become important, and if your reading this I would just like to say thanks
you all.

Anyway am re-watching Harry Potter, so am going to just relax this evening
and miss the end of the film.

Steve x

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