Sunday, 5 April 2009

Yet another L-o-n-g weekend!

Well bloody knackered today, didn't get to bed till 5ish and then back up 9.30AM!!! Hmmm let alone foundation for covering bags under me eyes I'll need paint! Still I reckon if I accessorised my hand bag with it I could pass for a luggage set! A cunning disguise should I need to step out in public without being recognised.


Driving back from Southport last night was almost like a scene from "The Curse of the Were-rabbit"! Driving down the country roads there were rabbits everywhere, a bit like the dodgems really as we swerved all over the place to avoid squashing a rabbit mummy or rabbit daddy under the wheels of the glitter-bus, (surely at 3.30 am the kiddy bunnies would have been tucked up in bed), oh, there's a thought, perhaps they were rabbit hookers and I stumbled upon the rabbit red light district. Hmmm will have to check next week.


Today has been hectic and too short a day, not even half of the stuff I needed to do has been done although we have arranged a seamstress for our newest creation which will have it's premiere on bank holiday weekend in May. I don't want to blow my trumpet too much but they will look ace! They may not look the same on us as on the mannequin but I'm moist with an....tic...ip....ation!


Well I'm gonna go for now, starting to feel quite ill, sore throat, hope it's not tonsilitus again!




Bobbie D x

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