Wednesday, 8 April 2009

There's a change in the air….

The Seasons are changing.

Well hello, it's been a few days since me and Bobbie updated the blog so thought I would find the energy to write something.

We have both been under the weather this week, with Bobbie taking Monday off and me taking Tuesday off. We're both on the mend now slowly, I just think the change of the seasons and the fact we both work in busy offices has made us susceptible to the bug that's going round at the moment – I know my office is like an extension of Boots the Chemist with all the lotions and potions people have on their desks…

It will soon be hay-fever season, which is never good for me either, so will have to start taking the medication now to ensure I'm ok. I must sound a right hypochondriac but I'm not – to be honest I'm not an ill person, neither is bobby, the only problem is when we are ill we're often ill together and get it really bad.

Anyway enough of our problems.

www.DragQueenSuperstore,com is almost ready to go live and items are being added every day so we're doing well with that, I want to launch the site in a really big way but can't think of a way in which to do it. Of course there will be a big enouncement on facebook and on Twitter but I'm trying to think of a much larger scale idea.

Email me if you have any, who knows your big idea could be used for the launch.

Hits on are vastly increasing – it just shows that the site now it's been updated is being read – there are more updates to go on so keep checking back.

Behind the scenes our understanding of Google Adwords and web traffic tracking is increasing, and we're studying where all our visitors come from, which in itself is very interesting, when you get visitors from all around the world. It's also interesting to see what web pages the people have come from.

Who knows this could be the start of something big "Trouble Web Marketing Ltd" perhaps…..

This weekend is quite a busy weekend for us. We need to go to Blackpool to collect part of our new costume – Stunning I'm sure. We're also in Southport at The Crown on Saturday Night. And then on Sunday we're over in Leeds at the Viaduct with our show. So Monday will be spent washing, tidying, and recovering from all that.

In-between all this we have loads of other things to do for various other projects, and at some point we have to eat – I have said I will hand in the script this weekend too for Trouble Cooking. It's going to be a few late nights.

Anyway must dash got a meeting to attend – oh joy…



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