Monday, 13 April 2009

Work Work Work...

Phew! Home now, slippers on and a drink at my side. What a night, it really felt like summer, a great crowd and mad hot! Are gays like tortoise's - they only come out in the warm weather? The Viaduct in Leeds tonight was extremely hot but, as true professionals we worked through it, in the back of our minds thinking... no, not that people are there so we must entertain them but that surely doing a show in a hot bar means we will melt millions of calories off and fit in to smaller costumes!

It's been a busy weekend really. Friday we were at The Crown, not really working though. Saturday we were back at The Crown in Southport, working for real! Well if it could go wrong it did! Whiplash stuffed up the CD for the show so it didn't run to plan, she forgot my props for my numbers so instead of a nice Gentleman's cane I ended up with a mop! Really, it was amusing but not something I'm rushing to repeat, I mean, how much class can a mop have!

Tonight's show was again not without it's problems, for one number I performed the CD stuck and juddered so I sounded like I had turettes! Whiplash was supposed to catch me in a true "Dirty Dancing" styleee for another number but failed miserably!

Overall though it went well, we really enjoyed it and those audience members we spoke to did and those we didn't speak to seemed to enjoy it so all is well.

After 3 days working whilst everyone else is partying you'd think we'd have a day off tomorrow with it being bank holiday wouldn't you? Not a chance – more work for us tomorrow – no rest for the wicked they say, with all this work we must be near pure evil!

Oh, before I go, the glitter bus has had a wash today – the first in months! It looks like a new car!


  1. Girls, your really working it, saw your show in Leeds and thought it was brilliant, havent laughed as much for ages.
    Lookignforward to seeing you again.

  2. Aww Thank you,

    We really did "work it" on sunday - it was like a sauna in there! glad you enjoyed it though, it was great fun for us too.

    xxx BD xxx