Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Girls Interview

Who is the driving force behind Trouble?

Bobbie: Both of us, the reason we work so well together is that we are a team, we each have our own strengths and weaknesses and part of being a successful team is to recognise your own strengths and to allow someone else to help out or take over where you have a weakness.

Whiplash: We just see it as a proper partnership, Bobbie is more creative so designs a lot of our costumes whilst I am more technical so I deal with organising the shows etc also I deal with agents and bookings whilst Bobbie deals with marketing - we really are an all round team.

How do you decide which gigs to do?

Bobbie: That's simple, if one of us doesn't want to do it then we don't do it. We would need to give a good reason but on the whole we work together, as a double act we can't not work together so again it comes down to the partnership and teamwork, yes I know it sounds sickly sweet but that's how it is.

Whiplash: Generally we will both be up for most gigs however Bobbie tends to be more cautious and practical really, she has to drive to and from the gigs so usually has something to say when I book 2 gigs at opposite ends of the country on consecutive nights! Overall though it works.

Who makes your costumes?

Bobbie: Well we make a lot of them ourselves, my mum (Tanja) taught me how to sew so I do ok, I cut corners and don't always quite follow the pattern but we do ok although Mum does help on some.

Whiplash: Well I am only just learning to sew, Bobbie used to make most costumes but now we are busier, we call on Tanja to make more and more for us but she is often busy making wedding dresses etc and also costumes for other "showgirls" she's good to us though and understands our "needs", she will consider most work so drop her a line.

How many costumes do you have?

Bobbie: Oh, well probably more than we would like to admit to as they don't come cheap, needless to say they take up a lot of space. That's with a lot of stuff in boxes and in the attic etc we really should have a sort out.

Whiplash: To be fair we should get rid of some costumes or wear them more, we have so many we have worn once which is a shame when they have cost a lot of money but at the same time it is nice having new outfits.

Where do you get your makeup from?

Bobbie: You name it we try it, we usually get the pro stuff but will try anything from Asda to Versace and cheapo market bargains to Dior, if it looks like a new and different colour then we'll give it a whirl.

Whiplash: She spends more than me, I like to use colours I know and trust and usually end up with Bobbie's dodgy purchases to experiment with, cheap n cheerful that's me as for Bobbie well have you heard, you can't polish a turd!

What are you planning for Trouble next?

Bobbie: Just going with the flow, we'll see what happens

Whiplash : Yeah the TV stuff is looking like a lot of fun and we have a few other projects lined up too so let's just see where it all ends up - maybe world domination or maybe the bingo hall - who knows!

Which one of you is the oldest?

Bobbie: Whiplash!

Whiplash: Hmmm the least said the better!

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