Sunday, 5 April 2009

Our Intro Text

Someone asked for this the other day and I forgot it was on our facebook

It was a cold wet windy night when their paths first crossed, it was a night they would remember for a very long time. It was the evening that Trouble kicked off! Miss Whiplash was working as a chat line hostess entertaining the good gentlemen folk of the British Isles. The shift was quiet and the call numbers were low and Miss Whiplash was onto her 6th Vodka and Coke of
the evening, when all of a sudden out of the blue came a rather random call from Miss Bobbie Dazzler. Miss Dazzler was sat at home watching the X Factor, and had decided to vote for her favourite, after all, every little helps. Being out of credit as usual, she had to borrow a mobile from the Pizza Delivery Boy that had just delivered her 12" Meat Feast. Without thinking she pressed redial and was connected to the Rubber Glove Wearers Fetish Phone Line, and Miss Whiplash.

Miss Whiplash as usual went into her usual patter and listed all her options. Miss Dazzler was both appalled yet intrigued, and struck up conversation with Miss Whiplash. The conversation didn't revolve around gloves but Ms Dazzler mentioned there was a special offer at Tesco rather
than slap me with a wet glove and call me Suzy!

From that phone call came a meeting over Sherry and fig rolls at Ms Dazzlers luxurious apartment overlooking the Manchester Ship Canal. Ideas were tossed to and fro of ways to inject a little laughter, excitement, glamour and sparkle into the miserable and dreary lives of northern folk bringing back good family values and morals it all got a bit much for the pair and sounded
a bit complicated so they decided to scrap that idea and instead looked for a way to fund their vodka habit and give some purpose for their jaunts to the local bars.The name "Trouble" was conceived as just like Ms Dazzler and Whiplash it's the last thing any landlord wants in their venue!

Rehearsals began, for the consumption of large quantities of Vodka because just as day follows night they were sure that within a matter of weeks their fame would be huge and they would be able to retire to a lifetime of lunches and soirees mingling with other celebrities. Well a year on and the list of celebrity telephone numbers in their phones is about as long as... your finger so, the girls are still plugging away spreading joy, happiness, glitter and the occasional bead of sweat to the gentlefolk of Manchester and the north so be sure to check them out sometime

It's how Miss Dazzler got to meet Miss Whiplash

It always makes me titter.

W x

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