Friday, 3 April 2009

Whiplash Writes Again……

Well I find myself here again. I have mountains to do but no energy to do it… I finish my day job in 2 hours and it's time to go and unleash Miss Whiplash for another weekend.

Some people ask me how I run through the week 9-5 as little old me and then work around this as Miss Whiplash, I say – "I enjoy it" that's the main thing for me, and I'm sure Bobbie will agree with me. We would definitely give it up when the day came to say we've both had enough and we don't enjoy it any more.

Anyway moving on. We're both looking forward to this weekend. It's going to be hectic but will be fun nevertheless, that and its pay weekend and the sun is out so everywhere will have a buzz about it, which is always nice. has a link of all what we're upto for the next couple of weeks.

I had an exciting phone call last night at a pretty late hour but it's all business so it's ok, I have made an agreement with someone who is going to supply a lot of the 'Necessities' to so all your Danskin tights, Feather Boa's Dance Shoes etc will soon be added to the site, I also spent a while discussing lace fronted wigs but I'm working on that one…

Anyway it's almost time for me to leave the office and so will sign off until either later this evening or some point over the weekend. You never know I might be like a News at 10 reporter and report live direct to the blog from my Blackberry.

Tra All


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