Sunday, 10 June 2012

Something different

The sun is shining in Manchester tonight, it's a lovely evening, the birds are tweeting like mad and I'm enjoying just relaxing on the bed listening to them, something I rarely did before but have started to recently as a result of Jonathan's influence. It's nice to just have quiet time in a positive sense as opposed to just when you need time out to think etc.

This weekend has been lovely. Yesterday we took Jon's Dad out for lunch. He seemed to enjoy the company too. A hearty meal and a few pints later we were home so Jon and I had a long soak in the bath before snuggling down with a few bottles of wine and a film just in our dressing gowns. A lazy relaxing night.

After the film we just listened to soft music and talked whilst enjoying a real open log fire. There was no smell from the fire as it was one of these DVDs of a log fire and, being a film maker himself Jonathan noticed the edits in the film and pointed them out. That sort of defeated the point but hey, it was lovely to spend time together anyway.

Today we had a lie in again but then headed off to town for the Manchester Day Parade. Jon fancied doing something creative so I tagged along and took pictures etc. It was a lovely day weather wise and I enjoyed not only time with Jon but the atmosphere, the crowds and just about all of it really.

There's a link to the film here: but that's really about all for now.

Signing off for tonight, happy and smiley with achy feet. I hope you had a great weekend too!

Xx Mark xX

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